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KapowChain is a project started by collectors for collectors to disrupt an entire supply chain to build a transparent and ethical ecosystem for the collectibles community.

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KapowChain was founded on the principle of improving the efficiencies of an existing supply chain towards a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem. Being deeply involved as collectors, we have a personal stake in solving the problems below and taking the collectibles industry to the next level of complete transparency and elimination of 99% of fees from the middlemen. 


Authentication, Provenance, Proof-of-Ownership

Fake items, stolen assets and lack of transparency are significant problems in the collectibles industry. The resale of stolen goods results in losses for both consumers and insurance companies. Digital Authentication Passport® (DAP) is the passport bearing your identity to a record of ownership from origin to the last destination. DAP in full functioning mode will provide added cryptographic verification of collectibles providing information containing the asset’s characteristic, history, proof-of-ownership, and authenticity.

One of the hottest trends in collectibles industry is encapsulated comics, cards, and toys. To preserve collectibles for an extended life and maximum investment value, encapsulations are often necessary. Therefore, it is extremely important to have those investments tracked and verified as they exchange hands. Currently, the industry lacks the ability to verify the authenticity of these rare collectibles as they flow through the supply chain from one owner to another.


A Community that gives back to the community

The first decentralized social marketplace serving the collectibles industry. A platform to encourage mass adoption,© will be a robust decentralized social media community built for the millions who will converge to share similar interests. Kapow Coins will be used as the sole medium of exchange in order to incentivize activities such as contents, comments, positive selling experience and other interactions that create positive feedbacks and likes. 

Our initial plans for© will feature current price guides, inventory management, digital comics downloads, marketplace, and a directory of retailers accepting Kapow Coins.


AI Solutions for Collectibles

SCTL is KapowChain’s™ AI solution for tracking all collectibles in the ecosystem. Supply Chain Tracking Logistics (SCTL) is designed to be a transparent customer-centric system, used to capture customer insights to shape products, solutions, and the buying experience as a whole.

  • Designed to eliminate fraudulent books from entering the market by tracking books from the source.
  • Gives complete visibility to the entire supply chain eliminating false claims about a limited supply of certain collectible items.
  • Identify areas that are experiencing waste, such as damaged books, highlights popular titles, demographics, and more.
  • These learnings will be shared across the network to improve decisions regarding supplies, demands, demographics, inventory management, and forecasting. This will improve the efficiency of logistics and increase profitability.

Road Map


Research supply chain. Solve problems of fraud and theft in collectibles and protect IP for publishers/independent creators

KapowChain Launch

Official company launch

Digital Authentication Passport (DAP) Schematic Release
Partnership agreements with NFC, Beacon tech supplier
DAP Initial Trial
Partnership agreements with grading services and retailers
Incentive/Reward System Launch
DAP Implementation
Kapow Wallet Release
Develop Dispute Resolution Procedures
Mobile DAP Release
2019/08/01© Release Beta
Implement Dispute Resolution Procedures
SCTL planning
Securing publishing/manufacturing partners for SCTL
2020/03/01© advertising platform, AI data mining schematic

Disclaimer : This roadmap is likely to be subject to future revisions and modifications. It does not represent a promise of development of any sort, but rather an indication of the direction taken by the development team at a given time.

Kapow Team & Advisors

Ken Hulse
Director of Sales

Ken’s career spans over 2 decades of successful strategic sales developments, implementations, and management. He has led sales teams big and small from both private businesses to publicly traded companies.

Keith Shimabukuro
Community Director

Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, Keith took his talents to the mainland to pursue degrees in Social Science and Business Finance at the University of Northern Colorado. Although he has a career in mortgage finance, his true passion is in comics and collectibles. Keith is currently an Admin for the Facebook group Colorado Comic Book Enthusiasts, has been a contributing writer for the website since its inception in 2015, and has been the Exhibitor Services Coordinator at Denver Comic Con since 2013.


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