All projects, big or small, must target mass adoption.

While many technological innovations have been made in the cryptocurrency space, evident in the number of projects coming out each month, mass adoption for its uses is lagging. The conversations surrounding cryptocurrencies have been mainly about the shift in wealth, the parabolic increase in price, the bubbles being created and eventual crash. It is the sensationalism that captures the attention of the public.

Underneath all the negative news lies the boring, problem-solving technological wonder that Blockchain provides. At KapowChain, reaching mass adoption for our transformative ideas is our most important goal. The Blockchain is transforming the world before our very eyes.

This is where KapowChain’s vision comes in. The vision of a decentralized synergistic comics & collectibles ecosystem. KapowChain is committed to setting a foundation for a sustainable future starting with a token made specifically to meet the needs of the entire layers of comics collectors, retailers, suppliers, and creators. We will dedicate the majority of our efforts to gaining 100% support to expand the ecosystem we are building.

We invite you to join our efforts!


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